Which Agent Are You?

Which agent are you?

1.) Do you sit in the office waiting for the phone to ring? Do you look forward to “office meetings” (i.e. pat the back of the top agent meeting).


2.) Are you a smart phone using, laptop carrying, innovative forward thinker? Do you take advantage of social media, blogs, and networking?

Are you in category #2?

If, yes, the following information will benefit you:

Allison James Estates and Homes was started by a forward thinking broker tired of franchise pay structures, office politics, and instability.We started AJI as a company for similar agents looking for a change while earning 100% Commission

We recognized that Agents are most concerned with 2 areas – Commission and Support.


100% commission Real Estate programs for as low as $35 a month, agents know EXACTLY how much they will net on each transaction.

Learn more about the available 100% Commission plans.


Allison James Agents  have DIRECT access to the supervising broker EVERY DAY from 7am to 9pm. After hours support is available via email.



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  1. I would like to hear more about the fee structure. I am and have been the top producing Broker associate in my Sunnyvale office for the last 5 years running. Can’t promise I am jumping ship but you never know. Right now I am at 361k in Gross comm. for the year. I am in my 7th full year of business. I had been an insurance broker for 25 years before doing this full time.

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