Balancing Your Personal Life and Real Estate Career

As we all know, a career in the real estate industry can be very stressful. It is important to maintain a steady balance between your work life and personal life. Often times in this industry, they are commingled. Ask most real estate agents who their friends are… Other people in the real estate circle!


Mortgage lenders, escrow officers, home inspectors, other agents; you name it! This is who we are surrounded with all day, and this is who we become close with. Although it’s great to maintain a close connection, it can also be stressful to be constantly surrounded by “work” when you are trying to relax and socialize. How many of your conversations end up tying back into work?


Here are a list of some very helpful ways to help maintain a healthy balance between your work and personal life:



Give yourself one day a week to shut down:

As Realtors, we often work days and hours that other people are off work, in order to accommodate their schedule.

Try to always give yourself 1 day a week for yourself and your family. Sunday’s are great! Try to schedule your open houses and home viewings for Saturday if at all possible. Some would even suggest turning your phone off and not checking emails on your one day a week; this is up to you. Much of the ability to do this will depend on where you are at with your business.



Work diligently on those other 6 days:

Don’t give yourself a reason to become anxious about turning your phone off or checking out 1 day a
week. Be sure that you have completed all necessary tasks, made all notifications, etc. If you have everything done, one day of shutting down is not going to kill your business! The extra hour you spent working yesterday will give you peace of mind on your day off tomorrow! Be sure to let your clients know that you reserve Sunday for family time, and please only contact you in case of emergency- they will respect you for this!



Schedule appointments for your free time:

Just as you would with a client, schedule an appointment for yourself! Go to a movie, go to the gym, ride your bike on the beach, take your kids for ice cream! Whatever it may be, schedule this in your planner and stick to it.



Find a hobby that has nothing to do with real estate:

As much as we all love those two words, “real estate”, it can become a love-hate relationship if you don’t give yourself the necessary time to refresh and recharge. Finding a hobby or passion outside of the industry will help you to come back ready to rock! Build model airplanes, ride your bike, go hiking, knitting, whatever it is, find a hobby and reserve part of your free time for it.

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